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Relationships and Sex Education


Relationships and sex education is defined as education for personal growth and development within the framework of the family and personal responsibility.  Much of the curriculum coverage is embedded in our PSHEE and Science curriculum.  Topics are designed to develop personal, social and relationship skills and attitudes, whilst fostering high self esteem in the children. In Year 5 and 6 children learn more about their changing bodies as this is when the onset of puberty often occurs.  This work is delivered with the support of the school nurse and boys and girls are educated separately giving plenty of opportunity for discussion within a sympathetic and sensitive environment.  Prior to the pupils starting this programme parents/guardians are invited to the school to view materials which will be used and ask any questions they might have. Children may be withdrawn from these sessions at parent’s/guardian’s discretion.  The subject will be taught sensitively and truthfully so that children become aware that it is a part of life.  Our programme of sex education is intended to combat myth, misunderstanding and ignorance as well as sexism, prejudice and discrimination.

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