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Hello Everyone,

I have been re-vamping my garden. We might get a hot tub. We have taken down some walls and a bush. We also obliterated our boules pitch. We made wooden outlines for the cement and hard core to lay our patio. Dad and I have been working lots outside.

Hope to see you all soon.


To Willow Class,


While we've been in lockdown I've been doing a bit of digital art.  Before lockdown I bought a drawing pad with pocket money that I can attach to my laptop and use to draw digitally, I have used it to do my online maths and English to save our printer ink and paper. 


I have been doing Joe Wicks each morning and in the evening we all go on long dog walk with Bella, even Jack comes! 


I have created a digital pixel unicorn and a birds eye view picture.  I did the birds eye view picture with my drawing pad, onto this email. I have loved doing the birds eye view drawing, I have almost done one everyday!! 



from Holly :-)  

Dear friends,

I have been up to a lot in these past few weeks but I have missed you all very much. Even though I can’t see you I know we are all still together.

One of the most exciting things that has happened to me is that me and my sister found a new born nestling baby bird on the ground. It was a Starling. So me and my sister brought it in. We cared for it and it needed feeding every 15 minutes. My mum had to feed it all the way through the night. The next day we found a place called Oak and Furrows to take it in. We were so happy to know it was being looked after with proper food and an incubator.

It has been really fun but I still miss you all so much.

See you soon.
Hi guys hope you’re all enjoying lockdown and having fun. Can’t wait to see you all after the pandemic. Also hope you are all managing with the home school!! Remember stay positive it will end soon , Hugh

Dear friends,


I really have not been up to much in lock down - the most fun I have had is playing with my birthday πŸŽ‚ presents πŸŽ. We haven’t used our car πŸš˜ in two months! I have been listening  to a lot of music πŸŽ§ and I have already broke one of my birthday πŸŽ‚ presents πŸŽ and I don’t know how🀷‍♀️.  (I’m thankful that it was not my expensive one). 



I am recovering from my operation and I am able to climb up my ladder to my bunk bed again so I’m grateful for that. We have been on quite a few dog walks and I love πŸ’— my new scooter it’s turquoise with a pink shiny helmet. Once on a dog walk my dog Harley πŸΆ cut his tongue πŸ‘… and he got blood everywhere even on my shoes. πŸ‘Ÿ  



Somehow my mum managed to cut my hair and I really like it I give it a ten out of ten πŸ‘πŸ» I mean I knew she could cut my brothers hair but she did mine good too. 



Some people think πŸ’­ because of Ottilie is little and cute she is not much trouble - well you are WRONG. Ever since I stoped being able to pick Ottilie up all  she does is SCREAM πŸ˜± and it is so so so annoying. It’s not a small innocent scream it is a LONG LOUD blood curdling scream πŸ˜±.



And that every thing I have been up to. I miss you all - hopefully see you soon 


Love Izzie x

Dear Willow class I hope you are all ok.


It’s been really fun staying at home although I’m missing you all a lot.


I have had loads of fun we even had a robins nest in the shed. The worst thing was that when the babies came out of the nest my cart killed one of them straight away. My brother burst into tears!πŸ˜₯


I have been doing Joe Wicks every morning and then doing some work.


Stay safe.


From Chloe. Xx