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This week we are going to look at the Poem - The Sound Collector by Roger McGough

You can see a video of Roger reading it here if you want:



Read the poem through at least twice. Read it aloud to someone if you can. 

Use two different colour highlighters to highlight

the verbs (action / doing words) and nouns (things / people /places)



Take a journey around your house and garden.

Think about the sounds you can hear. What's making the sounds? 

Write down how you would describe these sounds. 





Have a go at writing your own version of The Sound Collector poem. 

Use the sound ideas you collected yesterday to help you. 

You  could even illustrate (draw pictures) your finished poem.

The original poem by Roger McGough has a rhyme pattern - don't worry about making your poem rhyme (unless of course you want an extra challenge!). 

I'd absolutely love to see any finished versions. 

Remember that poetry should be performed - perhaps you could perform your finished poem for people at home. 





Have a go at these spelling and handwriting activities.

Choose one spelling activity - Mild or Spot the mistakes





Well done on your poetry work this week. Another form of poetry or a way of presenting poetry is called a calligram. 

This is where the word is written in a way which shows what the word means.

Take a look at the powerpoint to find out more. 


Create your own calligrams using the words suggested on the last slide of the powerpoint or choose your own ideas. 

I'd love to see anything you come up with.