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Primary School

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There aren't any spellings to learn at home this week as I will be checking how you are getting on with spellings when we return to school. 


If you would like to practice some key word spellings, I have included some below. Remember to use your spelling menu activities to help with this. 

Today you are planning a newspaper report. Watch the video link below for the lesson presentation. This will take you through the process of planning, step by step. Then select a one star, two star or three-star planning sheet to complete. You will need this planning sheet for our writing activity tomorrow.


Today you are going to use your planning from yesterday to write your newspaper report. You can use the template provided or construct your own. I have included my example newspaper report if you get stuck for ideas.


There are two parts in today’s lesson.


First, you need to do the spelling test today and the videos for each spelling group are below.

Secondly, you are going to get creative again! You are going to imagine your alien has discovered a new planet. I want you to draw this new planet and tell me all about it. Watch the video for some ideas to include.


Today, we are going to use the planet you created yesterday to write a diary entry from the point of view of your alien. Please watch todays lesson video then use the planning to help you plan your diary entry or start writing straight away.


For the lesson today, please select a one star, two star or three-star guided reading activity pack. Work your way through the activities just like we would during our guided reading lessons. However, you can also use this time to finish off any work from this week.