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This week we will be learning about different forms of poetry.



Today we will be doing some preparation for the rest of our poetry work this week. 

Choose an animal that you know a lot about. 

Create a mind map about that animal - Everything you can possibly think of about that animal.

Take a look at my example to give you some ideas. 

Picture 1



Take a look at the powerpoint about Kennings. 

We wrote these in November about the river when we were doing our River Journey topic.

Have a go at writing a kenning about the animal you chose yesterday.

Use some of the ideas you thought about in your mind map.



Another type of poem that we are learning about today is called Haiku (high -koo)

Take a look at the powerpoint to learn about what it is. 

Have a go at writing your own Haiku about your animal. 




Have a go at these spelling and handwriting activities. 

Choose one spelling activity - Mild spellings OR Spot the mistake





Use your ideas that you created about your animal on Monday to create a 'Shape poem' word art cloud. Can you make it in the shape of the animal?

Take a look at the examples below