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Continuing on our 3rd and final poetry week....

This week we will be looking at a poem by a Victorian poet called

Christina Rossetti 

Did you know she wrote the words for the famous Christmas carol - In the bleak mid winter?

Also another poem by Roger McGough who wrote The Sound Collector


Read through the poem 'What is pink?'. Make sure you know what all the words mean. Make sure you read it at least twice and maybe read it aloud to someone else in your house.

Notice how all the things in the poem are natural. 


Look at the colour collection sheet. Take a journey round your house and garden and jot down things that are these colours. This will be your toolkit for poetry writing tomorrow. 

You can think of only natural things like Christina Rossetti or write down anything of the right colour if you want.


Have a go at writing your own version of the 'What is pink?' poem using the ideas you came up with yesterday. 

Choose which template you would like to use to help you or write your own version.


Before you start - time yourself - you have 2 minutes to write down as many adjectives to describe yourself as you can.

Here are mine: loud, musical, happy, kind, tidy, organised, mathematical, creative, clever, caring, short, clean, nice, grumpy, slow.


Now read the poem - 'The writer of this poem'. You will notice it is quite similar to The sound collector because it uses repeated patterns. In this poem these are similes eg. as quick as a flash. 

Have a go at writing your own version of this poem about yourself. 

I have included a list of adjectives to help you if you get stuck. 




Bank Holiday for VE day 75th Anniversary - Perhaps you could choose something from the VE day pack.