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This week we will continue our work from last week about Aliens. 

These lessons are meant to be a sequence so if you have missed any days make sure you have done lessons 1-4 from last week before you do these. 


Read the instructions on the activity sheet. Have a go at writing the opening of a newspaper article about the Alien sighting. 


Read this mission log and have a go at creating a map to show what you think Zargon 10 would look like. Explain your map to someone in your house. 


Use the planning tools on the activity sheet to think about ideas for your own mission log. Look at the mission log example from yesterday to help you with ideas. 


Use the planning you did yesterday to write your own mission log for a visit to Zargon 10. 

I'd love to see your finished piece of writing. 


Practise your handwriting and spelling today. 

Choose which spelling activity you would like to do.