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Please open the powerpoint below and follow the instructions. There are some audio clips of me talking.


Task 1 is to identify some of the Newspaper features we covered on Monday.  I will go through this in tomorrows powerpoint so you can see if you were correct.


Task 2 is a vocabulary task. The newspaper article is based around the beginning of a book called Viking Boy by Tony Bradman.  It contains a lot of ambitious vocabulary. The first activity is to try and match some of the words to the definition. You might be able to work some of them out before checking in a dictionary.  The second activity is to check the meaning of any more unfamiliar words you have found in the text.  I read the text aloud in the powerpoint so you will be able to listen to me (apologies if I have mispronounced any of the Nordic words). 


Today's English task will help prepare you for the writing task in the topic lesson.  I have recorded myself on the powerpoint so please click the speaker icon to listen.  


You will be drawing a story map for the newspaper article today. I have started mine in the video below if you wanted to see an example.  

Story Map Video

Still image for this video



Today, I would like you to use the lesson in the link below to revise apostrophes.  Please click on the 'revise apostrophes lesson' link below.  The video is from Oak National Academy and will take you through the lesson. You will need a pen and paper.