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This weeks maths is slightly different. For the past few weeks the children have been focussing and developing key mathematical skills. For example, doubling and halving, measuring length and weight, and subitising. I would like this week to be based on problem solving. I have put a huge number of problem solving questions for you to choose from. It is a pic'n'mix style and you can mix up the activities. These range from 1 more and 1 less, propositional language, counting and more. I would like you to attack a few questions a day and work on the children's thinking process and that making a mistake is okay and can be helpful to us finding the answer. The questions may seem a bit simple, but that is because I want to work on the element of critical thinking. Please make them easier or more challenging to suit your child. I have suggested to complete a few in order to be able to fit these around the World Book Week activities. Have fun!