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Today we are going to revise the method for short division. 

Re-watch the videos and then choose from Must, Should or Could

Short Division 1

Short Division 2

Short Division 3


Click the link to take a look at the lesson powerpoint and then choose from Must, Should and Could. Remember to mark your work once you've finished. 


Watch the White Rose Maths video about correspondence problems and complete the White Rose worksheets. Make sure you check your answers at the end. 

As an extension activity - if you have time - try the Diving into mastery activities. There are 3 sheets (Diving, Deeper, Deepest). Choose one or more to try. 

Spr4.3.4 - Correspondence problems


This is the point in the term where we would do an end of unit assessment activity. ​​​​​​

There are two for the unit on multiplication and division that we have just been doing. 

Please try and do these by yourself. 

Check your answers once you've finished. 

Please submit this activity to Mrs Berry


I've set you some Mathletics. Complete these activities. 

I will be on TTR from 11am until 11.15am if you would like an arena battle. #Play Wembley

Look back through the week's activities so far - are there any things which you need to practice a bit more? Did you complete all the activities each day? Now would be a good finishing off time.