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Messages to and from Rowan Class

The messages you have sent are further down the page, below the photos.
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Here are the messages you have sent:


Hi Rowan Class,

I miss you!

love from Maddie

Hello Rowan Class,
I hope everyone is ok. I’m missing you all. I’m keeping very busy with school work and doing lots of art, cooking and even made beer for a science experiment! 

love Iona


Hi Rowan class,

I'm missing you all and can't wait to come back and see you all very soon. Lots and lots of love,

Florence XXX



I've been missing you all and I really hope we can go back to school soon so we can see each other.

Love from Grace



I hope you are well. During Lockdown I have been learning to ride my bike and doing lots of baking. Hope to see you soon!

Love Saffie xx


Hello to my class,

Hope to see you soon and I am missing you! I would like to give a big shout out to Ava with a big hug.

Love from Kate


Hi everyone,

I hope you are okay and enjoying being at home. I am doing lots of fun things like playing with Chloe lots and playing with my cat and dog in the garden, oh and lots of Maths and English! Bye!

From Ollie


Hello Rowan Class,

I hope to see you soon.

love from Daniel


Hello Rowan class,

I am missing playing with my friends and chatting with my teachers. I miss playing tag in the playground.

from Jayne


Dear Rowan class,

Hope you are staying safe like we are.

Lots of love from Isabel


Hi Rowan Class,

I really enjoyed last weeks topic work. We have spent time looking at dead and alive things in the woods. We found all sorts of trees, mushrooms and flowers . I built a den and daddy taught me how to tell the waterproof side of the leaves . We looked for frog spawn in the pond  and listened to all sorts of birds calling. I counted 9 different bird calls . We  have also been out later in the evening bat spotting and hoping to hear an owl in the owl box in the big oak tree.

Hope you are all keeping safe,