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Please use the lesson powerpoint. I have recorded myself talking on most of the slides. You will need a copy of the evidence cards, either open on the screen or printed out, as I read through them.  


You have a writing task to complete using the information in this science lesson.  

Topic Thursday


Please see the powerpoints below. There are 3 because I have recorded some audio clips to take you through the lesson and these made the file too large to upload as one. I apologise for how much you are going to hear my voice!


The task is to write a newspaper report (details in the powerpoint). Please use the work from yesterday and today's English lesson to support the structure of your writing. There is a template for you to use below if you wish. 


This is the task I would like you to email to me for this week's learning.

Aim to spend 30-40 minutes on the writing task. There is quite a lot of information to process in this lesson so you may want to look at the slides for today's activity and then complete the writing task as tomorrow's activity. In the classroom this lesson would take us most of the afternoon.

Suggested timetable:

Thursday: Go through the slides and make some notes

Friday: Complete the writing task. 


Design a Viking shield that would represent you if you were a Viking.


Think about - colour choice, patterns and images.


Remember a shield would be carried by a Viking warrior so the design should reflect qualities such as bravery, determination and strength.


The shields were circular and painted with lots of different patterns or designs. You may want to do some research of your own before starting your design.


Below is a template (kindly shared by Mr Wallace) that you may find helpful.