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Have a look at the activity sheet - will this circuit work. Predict whether the circuits drawn will work or not and explain why. Test them out with the equipment if you need to. 

Click the link below to try out a circuits game. 



Follow the link below to have a go at the Scratch project lessons. Try the Chat Bot activity this week. 


Have a go at this second Cricket lesson from Chance to Shine. Remember - you don't need any special equipment and can use rolled up socks instead of a ball. Make sure anything breakable is well out of the way and get permission from an adult to do this in the house! 

Chance to Shine LIVE! | Cool Catcher | 20 January 2021


Join Mr Palekar from the Oak National Academy on this fourth lesson in the series about Pulse and Rhythm. 


Watch the video clip by following the link below. Have a go at the questions about the video. 

Write 5 questions that you might ask Mimi about her Bat Mitzvah. 


Use the powerpoint and activity sheet to help you - can you learn all the numbers to 100 in French?