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I know many of you are keeping active in a variety of ways from PE with Joe Wicks to bike rides, runs and dog walks.  This week I am giving you a choice of 2 PE Challenges to try and complete (of course you can do both if you want!)


Challenge 1

Part of our PE curriculum in year 5 is working together to play games. Can you invent a game to play? If you have an outdoor space that is suitable, you could invent a game to play with your household. 

You will need to think about the equipment you have available, the number of people involved and the space you have.  It is a good idea to have a clear set of rules written down to avoid arguments.

You can adapt a game that you already know or make up a completely new one.


You may have to trial your game and make some changes so that it runs smoothly.


Challenge 2

Learn a new PE skill.  This could be anything from a balance (eg standing on one leg, holding a bridge) to being able to do 20 keepie uppies.  You may have a look at some of the PSHE cards from the week beginning 20th April for some balance ideas.  

This challenge is a good one to do if you do not have an outdoor space as many yoga poses and balances are suitable to do in doors.  


You might choose to work on your skill for 10 minutes each day to see how you improve through the week!