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Week Beginning 01.03.21  (Monday)


Please follow the loom lesson below.  You will need to go outside for some of this lesson to complete an invertebrate hunt. Please check with a grown up first. 



Week Beginning 22.02.21 (Monday)


Please watch the loom lesson below and complete the activities.

Week Beginning 08.02.21 (Monday)


There are 2 science lessons today, however you only need to complete one (What is the universe and what is it made from?). I know many of you have enjoyed learning about space so I have included the extra lesson if you are interested.  


They are both Oak National Academy lessons and any print outs you may wish to use will be available underneath the video links.  You may find that you only need to print certain pages from the activity document as you will  be able to make your own notes for some of the activities.



Week Beginning 01.02.21 (Monday)


Please watch the Oak National Academy video below. The worksheets you need are available in the PDF document below. There is a simple investigation about trajectory to take part in.  

Science Week Beginning 25.01.21 (Monday)


Please follow the link below to guide you through the activities. I will instruct you when to pause and attempt the different activities so it would be useful to have the sheets printed out ready if you can.  

You might find it helpful to have the video links open in separate tabs as I refer to them at different points in the lesson.

To do this press the 'ctrl' key when you click on a link and it should open in a new tab. It's easier to switch between videos when you do this.  

Miss Corrick rotation and orbiting explanation video

Still image for this video

Day and Night || video for kids

Science Week Beginning 18.01.21  (Monday)


Please follow along with the Oak National Academy video below.  You can make your own notes to answer the questions or use the print out below.  


The activity I would like you to complete is the storyboard to show the cycle of a star's life.  There is a storyboard template to use below or you can make your own template.

Science Week Beginning 11th January  (Monday)


Task- Design a poster with information about all of the planets in our solar system.


Watch the Oak National Academy Lesson Video. You do not have to do the worksheet (I have linked it below if you do) you can make your own notes instead.


Your poster needs to name each planet and have at least 1 fact about each planet.  There are some poster ideas below to help you.  


This is a task I would like you to send to me this week. Please email it to me by 9am on Friday 15th January. 


Still image for this video