Sherston C of E

Primary School

Learning, Caring and Achieving Together

Sherston School Council

Here's where you can find out more about the school council and what kind of things they do.

The aims of the school council are to

  • Emphasise the school as a community
  • Involve pupils as partners
  • Help children to listen to others
  • To develop self confidence, social skills and responsible behaviour
  • Enhance the influence of positive peer pressure
  • Allow children to grow in self esteem
  • Offer first hand experience of being an active citizen 


The organization of the school council


Each class nominates two representatives, one boy, one girl, for the school council. The school council meets once a fortnight and on the alternate week hold a class council. Topics to be discussed are decided upon in advance, by the school council representatives and their classes. The two year six representatives are responsible for the secretarial duties of the council. 


Recent activities


Recent topics for discussion have included the environment area, playground equipment and school dinners.


Last academic year’s school council decided to arrange a car boot sale to raise fund for a charity of their choice in order to show that the school had compassion.


This project was entered into the House of Commons Speakers School Council Award, writing a letter to Mr Speaker giving details of their car boot project and subsequently were awarded a certificate for their project. 


Future programme


Projects for the coming year are to include the school code of conduct, improvements in the playground, and improving the school library.


The school council often invite outside group and organizations to talk to them, including the local police and ABM catering.