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Week 5 (Mon 1 - Fri 5 Feb)

Monday 1st February

I had difficulty converting this to video, so you'll have to click through the PowerPoint today. Make sure you try to rewrite the sentences - in your head or out loud - when it asks you to.

After the PowerPoint, take a look at the video then have a go at today's task: If I were...

Hoplite - Citizen soldier (Ancient Greece).mp4

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Tuesday 2nd February

The Ancient Greeks also gave us drama and the theatre. Their plays were usually Tragedy or Comedy

• Tragedy—serious drama showing downfall of important character and included love, hate, war

• Comedy—less serious drama; often made fun of politics, people, ideas


We'll be writing playscripts tomorrow, but today you are going to refamiliarise yourself with their structure through a reading comprehension - Remember to choose an appropriate level, which for most of you will be at least level 2.
(Sorry, I couldn't find a suitable Greek related playscript!)

Wednesday 3rd February

Today you will adapt a scene from a film into a play script. Listen carefully to the end of my video if you are not familiar with the end of the story of Odysseus' 20 year journey to return home - it gives some back story which might be helpful.

draft a playscript.mp4

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Odysseus claims back his throne.mp4

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Thursday 4th February

Improving your scripts.mp4

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Friday 5 th February

Head over to the Spelling page for Mrs Box's spelling activities.