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Week 6 (Mon 8 - Fri 12 Feb)

Monday 8th February

Watch the first video (the transcript is below) then look at my lesson video.

Today is all about generating LOTS of ideas.

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Tuesday 9th February

Today we'll look at how you can squeeze ideas together into half rhymes using assonance.

Good luck with it!

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Wednesday 10th February

The great Thikers of Ancient Greek times were called philosophers. They shaped the way we look at knowledge and how we can try to understand more about the world.

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Answer the questions from the sheet below:

  • Answer in full sentences, with appropriate punctuation and neat handwriting.
  • Answer with full justification (clearly and comprehensively explain your reasoning!)

Thursday 11th February

Architecture, Theatre, Medicine, Stories, Sport, Government, language, maths, science...

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Friday 12th February
Head over to the Spelling page for Mrs Box's spelling session.