Sherston C of E

Primary School

Learning, Caring and Achieving Together

Week Beginning 01.02.21


Vocabulary Check 

Activity 1- Match the definition to the word. These are all words from the story so try to use the context of the story to try and match the definition first, then use a dictionary if you are still not sure.


Activity 2- Choose 5 of the words to use in a sentence of your own.  


Punctuating direct speech- Watch the lesson presentation and then complete the activities. There is an optional challenge if you have time.  


Please send me today's work.


Author's word choice- setting description. 


Watch the video below and complete the activity. I would love to see your finished setting pictures.




Watch the Oak National Academy video about Prepositions and join in with the activities in the video.  There is an extra activity for you to complete below.


Story Planning. You may prefer to use a story map to plan your story. You could even draw your stroy map plan into the grid.