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Week Beginning 18.01.21

This week we will be planning and writing our non chronological reports. 

Monday and Tuesday focus on the planning and preparation process, Wednesday will be the main body of writing and Thursday will be for extra information (maps and diagrams), finishing the week with editing and redrafting.


You may like to send me your writing on Wednesday for some feedback before editing and redrafting on Friday. I will be asking for you to send me your final piece of work on Friday.  




Planning. Today you will need to plan your own non chronological report. Use your work from Monday to help you complete the planning grid. I have made a short video of my planning for you to watch, along with my completed plan as an example.


You may want to change the subheadings provided or even add in extra ones. 



Today you will be writing your non chronological report. I would like you to hand write if possible.  Watch part 1 first and then when you are ready to write your final section watch part 2. 


If you would like some feedback before editing (on Friday) please email me your work.  It can be a specific section or the whole piece. If you are not sure what to write next I can try and give you some ideas too.  


You may find that you need to spend today and tomorrow writing your report. In school I would give you about 30 minutes at a time to write. Spend 30 minutes writing today (Wednesday) and if you need more time spend another 30 minutes writing tomorrow (Thursday). 



Your first task today is to make sure you have finished your report. If you think you will run out of time make sure you have an introduction, two subsections (eg appearance and habitat) and the ending section finished. You can always add in extra subheadings if you have time.


If you have finished your non chronological report, then you can have a go at creating a map for your sprite or elf's habitat. Watch the video below for some ideas. You may include some of the other elves and sprites we have come across on your map. I would love to see some of the maps and put them on the website so please feel free to email them to me when you have finished. 

Podkin One Ear Map Drawing with Kieran Larwood





Follow the slides to work through the editing stations.  Set a timer for each station. Use a different coloured pen or pencil to edit.




Depending on how much time you have spent editing, you may choose to redraft your whole piece of work or a section that has had a lot of editing.  I would expect you to spend 40-60 minutes in total on the editing and redrafting process.  You may want to take longer to create your finished piece.


Please send me your redrafted work. If you are only redrafting a section, I would like to see the original section as well as the redrafted section