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Welcome to Oak Class!

Oak Class Messages!

“I’m missing you Oak class and the teachers and all the other classes. I love all the classes so much. I have been drawing and playing with Lego and stickers. Love from Lucy xxx ❤️❤️❤️💙”


‘ Hi Oak Class,


I miss you. My favourite thing we are doing at home is painting, especially Spider-Man.  I hope I can do the school fitness trial with you soon so we can be like power rangers! 


Teddy ‘


Dear Oak Class

I hoped you have had a lovely day. I am having fun at home in lockdown. I’ve been playing with Lego, walking Harley my dog, playing on the walking talkies and riding my scooter.

Me and Ollie have been playing minecraft. We’ve been building houses in survival and getting good stuff.

We also built a den in the garden but Ottilie wrecked it and it didn’t survive.

I hope we can play again soon.

Love from Mason x







Oak class weekly to do list...

Thank you Key workers Poster!

Thank you Key workers PDF download

Have an Arty Easter!

This how Mrs Redman forms her curly caterpillar letters!

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This how Mrs Redman forms her Zig Zag Monster letters!

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This how Mrs Redman forms her 1 armed robot letters

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This how Mrs Redman forms her Ladder Letters

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This is how Mrs Redman forms her numbers!

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Silly Soup!

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Hi everybody! A very popular phonic game to play with your children is Silly Soup! This game be manipulated to suit your child's phonic level. For example, initial sounds or rhyming sounds. The children must choose the correct picture, either the same initial sound, or words that rhyme, and put it in the soup. Below is a video that I have borrowed from Darcy and her mummy Lauren modelling the game that Lauren sent out to her Pumpkin pre-schoolers.

I have also uploaded some picture cards to play if you choose to play with initial sounds.

Practise your motor skills!

Cursive Script for Parents

End of Year Expectations for Reception Booklet

Oak Class and the Three Bears - Porridge Making

Guide to your child's Learning and Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. 'What to Expect, When?'

Educational websites your child may enjoy

Number, Space, Shape and Measure

‘Look what I can do!’ 


A child’s early learning occurs both in school and at home. Your help and support at home is central to your child`s early years development.  Please share with us your child’s learning that occurs at home. It may be that your child has learnt to brush their teeth independently or have retold a story accurately or simply being a kind and caring friend!


We would love to hear about all of these special moments. 

Thank You