Sherston C of E

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Learning, Caring and Achieving Together

The Theological Roots of Our Vision

Learning, Caring and Achieving Together


Our vision is theologically underpinned by Mark 2: 1-12. We use it to draw connections between the principles in our vision and the actions and teachings of Jesus in this biblical passage:


Learning Together 

In Mark chapter 2 vs 1-12, we see a group of individuals coming together with a shared purpose - to bring the paralysed man to Jesus. This group is a model of collective learning. They recognise the value of Jesus' teachings and healing power, and they work together to bring the paralysed man closer to Him. The actions of these individuals emphasise the importance of a community of learners who come together to gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. In a theological context, it reflects the idea that learning about faith and spirituality is often a communal endeavour within the Christian community. It also highlights the importance of inclusive learning and that all are welcomed by Jesus.


Caring Together 

The actions of the individuals in Mark 2: 1-12 demonstrate a deep sense of care and compassion. They go to great lengths to ensure the paralysed man receives the care and healing he needs. These actions highlight to our children the importance of individuals within the school community supporting and looking out for one another. It emphasises the Christian values of kindness and compassion and the call to “love your neighbour as yourself”, (Matthew 22:39) which is often referred to in Collective Worship. 


Achieving Together  

The ultimate goal of the people in Mark 2: 1-12 is to see the paralysed man healed, and they achieve this goal through their collective effort. This notion of working together to achieve a common goal emphasises that when a community comes together, they can accomplish more than individuals working in isolation. This is also a key aspect of the Church, with Christians being part of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12), who work together for the advancement of God's kingdom. 


Our Vision 

Mark 2: 1-12 underpins "Learning, Caring & Achieving Together" by illustrating the importance of communal action, compassion, and collaboration. Everything we do, we do together, even if our children work independently, we are moving forward together as a unified school community to enable our children to learn, care and achieve.