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Year Six - Sycamore

Sycamore Class 

 Welcome to Year 6!

Mr Stewart (Mon-Thu) & Miss McDonald (Fri)

Dear Y6 students and families,


Museum day 18th May

This Monday is International Museum Day and so this week much of our work will be based around museum visits. Use the link below to virtually visit and look around some famous museums across the world (many of them use Streetview so you can choose your own path through the museum and many have interactive exhibitions) including The British Museum in London, which has an exhibition all about the Trojan War:

Following your virtual visit, write a report about it. What museum did you visit? Where is it? What could you see? Was it interesting/surprising? How? Describe your favourite exhibit/piece.

Try to do this for 2 museums through the week so that you can compare and contrast.

Many museums also contain Art. Can you try to reproduce a favourite piece that you have seen on a virtual visit?

For some Geography can you find where the museums are on a map? Which would you recommend and why? Could you plan a trip there? How long would it take? What else could you do in that city?


It seems like things are moving forward for a return to school soon (when it's safe for everyone to do so, of course) which is brilliant news, but in the meantime make the most of this time to have fun, stay healthy and keep active!


Mr Stewart


Home learning tasks w/b 18th May


For Maths, White Rose homelearning: please use ‘Summer Week 3’

BEAT THE NATION week 4 Extra maths challenge:


For English there are lots of report writing opportunities from the museum visits described above - remember, I'd love to read your work.

I've included some worksheets on adjective selection in the English resources section below and in the Reading section there are also some short comprehensions, two of which are about odd museum stories.

Alternatively you could use the BBC Bitesize lessons or the Oak National Academy lessons to hear a voice other than a parent guide you through a lesson.


I thought we would revisit Scratch - it is easy to access at home and will be useful ahead Y7 where it is used in many schools.

You are going to examine a game I've started, then make it better by adding levels, sounds, other challenges...  I'm excited to see what you can come up with!

PICK 'N' MIX Challenges from Wiltshire Council

MUSIC - Term 5

The music for this term uses an online compostion app called Audiosauna (link here) which is free. I made a song on it to demonstrate what you can do. The attached PDF 'euroaudio' explains more.

I have also uploaded the .song file to play about with; have fun creating!

Test Song 1.wav


Photo challenge

Take photos with the titles: 1.Busy, 2.Dreaming, or 3.Thankful. Send your best entries (1 per title) to me at my email address and I’ll stick them on the class’ webpage. I’ll also select some winners (with prizes for when we return to school)

Lego challenge

Create a Lego (or similar) representation of a famous book or film. Send them to me and I’ll put them up on our class’ webpage for everyone to guess.

Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful

Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 1 Thankful
Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 2 A Busy bee - Athelia
Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 3 Thankful
Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 4 Busy - Amelie
Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 5 Dreaming - a Bird's paradise - Amelie
Photos on a theme - Busy, Dreaming or Thankful 6 Thankful - Amelie

Sycamore Photos