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Year 5 & Year 6 Space Day

Y5/6 Space Day


Y5 and Y6 had a day filled with facts and fun experiments. Paul Hill from Sirius Space Agency brought in space suits, meteors, moon rock and lots of others things for us to explore.

We found out about life on an International Space Station, how astronauts go to the bathroom and a little about the history of space.



I liked the bit when we looked at how to create a rocket engine, then we blasted it off – Evie Y5


I really liked all of the experiments and the facts about the Space Station were amazing. I especially enjoyed seeing rocks that were older than the sun – Charles Y5


It was the best science day ever, I liked the rocket making they went really high and one even hit the light – Izzy Y6


We experimented with marshmallows to show what would happen to a human body if we went into space with no air - James Y6